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Gummy is all grown up! 

Watch how I drew this here
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And he did grow up in the finale of the show. Not big like that, but big enough for Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich to ride on.

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Smiling Pie And one of the best things I love about Gummy? He has the greatest singing voice!

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If that ain't the cutest thing, heh heh heh.

I love Gummy and I love his little party hat.

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Like the other dude said, getting mad deinosuchus vibes from this pic.

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This became a rather prophetic of how things would turn out.
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*facehoof* okay... this is getting rediculous!!! 
Me and a friend have a chat roleplay and just for the lulz i made up a "12 foot aligator" standing in the forest ........ AND TODAY i find this one!? REALLY?

The chances are........ i mean............... just .............. *flops dead on face* ... i give up. Life , you won x.x 
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pinkie! how much did you feed him 

he grew to fast where you gonna keep him 

Pinkie:In my house of course     duuUuuh
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That is a big alligator.
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He doesn't need teeth, he will eat you in a single bite........... which kinda seems cruel if you will be digested alive :<
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In which Gummy grows up to be a freaking Deinosuchus!
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Speakin'a GummAY...

Could Gummi be a Klaptrap??
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And I just realized someone else commented exactly what I said. Whoops...
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That's one big gator!
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:aww: Reminds me of my pet leopard gecko Pinkie, she doesn't have any teeth either.
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Wait, all his teeth are still missing?? This could only mean ONE thing!!

Mature Content

Why Gummy don't have teeth? by RacoonKun
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That's one big gator!
Rhubarb-Pizza's avatar
Woah gummy is big.
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OMG gummy is huge!!! also awesome art!!!
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Trying to think of a good bubble gum joke.
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All the good ones are a bit Gummy
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