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Classic pie gag.
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and this is why Dashie doesn't like pies
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curious why Dashie's cutie mark is upside-down though.
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It's in line with the angle of her thigh.
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*angry pegasus noises.
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*Rainbow Dash no longer believes in you.
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I guess you can say...
You've been 'Pinkie Pied.'
...I'll leave...
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Direct hit, Skipper!
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I love it. Where's Gummy?
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:D that is hilarious and always a classic
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i guess... pie flavour
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You know you have the best friendships when you enjoy pranking eachother all the time. LOL
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Yep, it's a classic. This picture is better than the last episode.
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I really love this style and cute Tsitra XD
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I've been thinking about pie gags for the last three days.  This is becoming a little surreal
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princess Luna RAINBOW DASH JUST GOT...........Princess Luna Like a boss Emoticon CREAMED.

:D (Big Grin) (Bad puns are easier to take when Luna is the one saying it)
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That sounds really dirty to me...
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No, but I have a dirty mind. LoL :)
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Yea, that's nice to know... :|
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