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Good Sphinx

Sphinx gotta earn her catnip.  Fun quick illustration based on Daring Done episode.
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That would be SO FUNNY if that actually happen in the show! XD

Fantastic job!  I hope that you have a great and blessed day/night!
Seems like this is exactly the kind of situation that calls for a pole of hope. ^_^
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I like dis...

*boop!* =3
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aahaha :'D soo cute
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Excellent work
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Great fanart of a very enjoyable episode!

SoC: Daring Done
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She looks just about ready to flip that pony into the air and swallow her whole while she's still falling :XD:
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The Sphinx looks like it's going to kill Somnambula.
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Wow, awesome scale and facial expression! :D
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Who's a good kitty? XD
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and this day the sphinx learned that somnambula was the wrong pony to challenge to solving riddles, she also learned that becoming a pony's pet as a bet that you could stump them on a riddle was bad, but hey the cookies and scritches behind the ears where a nice plus.
now if somnambula were a unicorn...she could've just used unicorn horn laser pointer...
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"Oh, you poor dear - are you upset that I solved your riddle?"

"I'm going to EAT you."

"Definitely upset."
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Even I am not sure if Somnambula is being sincere, or being a troll. 
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Either way, it's hilarious. :)
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This is super adorable, not least of all for how fiercely angry the Sphinx looks and feels compared to her keeper's almost oblivious sweetness. Lovely work on both of them, plus their light ensembles, and really neat work on the scenery and even the sunbeams lighting up the dust. Thanks for this lovely scary fun.
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