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Girly Dress_Kallisti IV Request 4

Rainbow Dash in a girly dress for BlueVanilla.  From the charity stream Kallisti IV on Saturday. Thanks to all who joined in the massive multi-artist stream, and special thanks to those who donated!

About the Kallisti IV charity stream:…

Spitfire Trail_Kallisti IV Request 5 by Tsitra360Girly Dress_Kallisti IV Request 4 by Tsitra360 Big Mac Warrior_Kallisti IV Request 3 by Tsitra360 Cannon Pillow_Kallisti IV Request 2 by Tsitra360 Rasberry! Kallisti IV Request 1 by Tsitra360 
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TigerGeekGuy's avatar
Someone... anyone... please destroy this monstrosity.
ZombieFX's avatar
you know "Cell" from Dragonball?
einsman's avatar
OMG, Dashie are you ok?
GJTProductions's avatar
RainbowDash.exe has experienced a fatal error and must restart. Restarting in 3...2...1...
moonstripethecat's avatar
ITS MRS.POPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cutecatz's avatar
dat fish lips do.
MindMenderEoin's avatar
My exact thoughts before even seeing the comments. 

Nopony can deny the power of noodle lips. :lmao:
LuckyGoRabbitFoot's avatar
The prime reason you should never put lipstick on ponies.
Pinkieshy435's avatar
twilight is right HAHAHAHAHA
SnowFrostthefox's avatar
This is soooooooo funny .! :P
I love all your artwork you really inspire me to draw :D
Demolition-Kitty's avatar
MOVE ASIDE, she needs mouth to mouth resuscitation
mayli123's avatar
poor dashie...Sad dummy 
alexwarlorn's avatar
Never liked lipstick. 
Here-for-the-ponies's avatar
Same. It's way too flashy or something, but I find it unattractive. Also, Jesus, this dress, lol. Is that embroided or something? At least Rarity didn't bedazzle it.
alexwarlorn's avatar
G3 RD (THE ORIGINAL), "I love it darling!"
Keytee-chan's avatar
Well, i LOVE Lipstick.
Ashoof's avatar
mua ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
KucolKucolika's avatar
please draft a Soarin dash
only one please :D
MasterVule's avatar
Rainbow Dash always dresses in style :XD:
Kyoshyu's avatar
A little part of her died that day. :)
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