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Finally done! Here we have OC Pan cooking up some breakfast for some hungry guests. This took me months to make, been working on this off and on. There's a lot of things in here so feel free to dive into the drawing!

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huh... funny thing here, a while back i wrote a fanfic in which Pinky explains the dietary habits of ponies... and reveals that Shy has a love/hate thing for bacon..

i could post part if you like 
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Hmm, you know Tsi, I'm kinda surprised you draw Pan considering you don't seem to have much interest in vore.
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here i am, late as always, i see doctor whooves but i dont see derpy, were is derpy?
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Fighting up the Muffins.
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Why ponies raise pigs on their farms ?
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LOL when I realized what was going on with Fluttershy. 
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... you’re joking, right? ._.
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Yeah, I'm kinda hungry, I think I'll have...everything. Extra bacon. :la:
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fluttershy what are you doing here?
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At first I wondered why Fluttershy was looking so suspicious. But then I realised... it's bacon!
Fluttershy is secretly a carnivore she's going to get the bacon that's why she's hiding and what's Doctor Whooves gonna get last I remembered he does not like bacon
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I saw Dr. Hooves
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gosh darnit now im hungry pewdiepie rage quit icon 
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Oh Fluttershy, you cannibal!
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i find cannibalism very interesting actually
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What are you talking about, bacon is awesome.
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Ha, never even noticed Fluttershy there before. Looks like somepony's a secret meat-lover. :XD:
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Thank you very much drawn to the process Gave show!
I think I saw the process ingeo wonderful work ~!
But the bacon pony ...?

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I'm confused on your comment. Are you saying I draw like Gave?
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