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Get Down Here_Lines

By Tsitra360
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This originally was meant to be a sketch of AJ, but then I thought of this, then I thought of that, and oh how about a little of this! I eventually had to just stop ^^;

So this was just on the spot illustration, I had no preplanning on this one. I like it, I may color it eventually. :)
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wow..rainbow dash fears bathing...hahah wat a loser.....*a bath comes out of nowhere* HOLY SHIT NOOOO
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Applejack rules! Rainbow dash drools! x3
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Alternate name for this: Bath Time!
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South-WilliamsStudent Digital Artist
I SWEAR there was a colored version around here somewhere, where WAS it?!(I've actually been driven up the wall trying to find the finished version of this.^^;)
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harwicks-artProfessional Digital Artist
Some great character work here...  Love Rarity in the gas mask!  Beautiful work!
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Tsitra360Professional Digital Artist
Thanks! That was also something I was hoping to improve upon. ^^ .  Oh, Vest :iconvest: is collaborating with me and coloring it. He's a great colorist. You can peek into his gallery and see it finished. Though atm he's working on some few minor things tweaking it, I had to update some lines to fix some issues.
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the ONLY reason this could ever be is beacause Soarin kissed her and she didnt wanna ever wash it away.
also getting forced to take a bath in the middle of a dirt pen.....by some of the dirtiest earth ponies.......seams counter-intuitive.....XD
also  i'm pretty sure they dont know how to properly take care of the wings.....
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Tsitra360Professional Digital Artist
haha, I like your idea.
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One day of dirt and sweat doesn't stink nearly as much as several days of unwashed dirt and sweat. :3 
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TheDreweMasterHobbyist Filmographer
Must be humiliating to have a filly bathe you. :D
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TheDreweMasterHobbyist Filmographer
Just a thought, but will there be a follow-up image of Rainbow Dash being given a bath?
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Nice line art piece.
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CherryGore-PSStudent Traditional Artist
I think it's funny how Rarity is wearing a gas mask I am a dummy! 
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DarthWill3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Yes! Colour it! It looks awesome already :D
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AC-whiteravenHobbyist Digital Artist
well that's not how you bob for apples :3
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I like how they're all just cheerin' AJ on. Has Dashie been skippin' out on bathing? 
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CeceliaaStudent Digital Artist
Is that a gasmask Rarity is wearing? :XD:

This is amazing! Can i color it? c: I'll link back and credit you ^^'
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MondenHobbyist General Artist
wow that is so amazing detailed!
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TelanoreHobbyist Digital Artist
Haha love it :D  And is that a nose clip I see on Applebloom? Love her expression
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LadyDevenHobbyist Digital Artist
Sometimes the best works are unplanned, looks pretty damn awesome IMO.
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BerenCuthalionHobbyist General Artist
:iconscorpion-plz::iconsaysplz:GET OVER HERE!
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BerenCuthalionHobbyist General Artist
Also: :+fav:
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