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Fugitive chase. irl moment

This is a doodle of what happened to me yesterday irl.

Noon: A deer visited my yard to enjoy the apples.

Evening: Cops chases fugitive through my yard and...well I just laid low because that's not something you see everyday.

I'm fine and the fugitive was captured, never heard any fighting. From what I know he was on the run and was in my neighborhood the past 3 days. Cops caught him walking in my streets and that's when he took off and hopped my fence and over into my grandparents fence, where he was captured. I'm just glad my grandparents weren't home enjoying their yard at the time.

What a strange day.
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Man, that must have been a shock. Good to hear you and your grandparents were ok.

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Your yard was very popular that day.

wow, strange indeed c.c

Hi Tsitra360! 🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻 Please tell me when will the continuation of the comic "REsized"?

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Wat ^^

Adorbs in any case

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My specialty making scary moments adores. heh.

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The fun never stops, calm is the thing we only see dreams about, huh? Glad you're okay though, that kind of "fun" sounds pretty dangerous.

PeregrinStaraptor's avatar have deer in Arizona?

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Arizona is more than desert, I live up in the mountains, where Elk, Deer, and Bighorn Sheep is seen. (big horn sheep, not in my particular area)

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Hm. Aside from it being in the desert region of the U.S. I never knew Arizona also have mountains despite it being close to the Rockies like New Mexico, Utah & Colorado. You learn something new about a state you never knew about.

On a more personal note, I'm glad that you and your grandparents are okay. That had to have been a scary moment for you with the fugitive.

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Thanks, glad they are safe too. Where I live particularly is interesting. My town is in-between the mountains and flat plains. It has its own atmospheric dome. So basically clouds just goes up or around us. Only powerful storms breaks through.

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Thank goodness you're safe!

the fugitive was the deer.

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Sounds like a normal Florida day.

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Except I'm in Arizona, lol

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Yay a fellow Arizonan! :)

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Probably a Florida Man visiting, then.

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I live in Volusia county. Bears cause most of my yard damage due to me living next to a nature park. Beats having hood rats.

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Whoa! Glad your okay man! That was a strange day.

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