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Making friends with a changeling is scary.

I purposely aimed to make this drawing creepy and uncanny. I think I succeeded, but it ended up looking cute too. What do you think?
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This is such a perfect and beautiful drawing. It's among my top favorites. The only thing that would make it better was if we could see the entirety of Thorax.
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KeronianNiroroStudent Digital Artist
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Thorax Icon 
Me: Thorax, what are you doing?
Thorax (Surprisingly) 
Me: Thorax
King Thorax (Stretching and Relaxing) 
Me: Stop
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I think you captured the moment perfectly. It took me a second or so, but was able to tell right away what this event was from. It would be hard for any to present what Spike was trying to do, and the fear Thorax felt at the thought of falling.

I had imagined the changelings looking this scary. Neat to see such fright in the eyes on one thought by the ponies and Spike to be just a harden and uncaring monster, only for that look on him alone being able to melt away such a notion Spike had of him.

I clicked on the link to see this do to the thumbnail image alone, but now seeing who made this, I am not at all surprised at how this turned out so well. Your art has been some of the many I have enjoyed seeing the most over the years FIM has been out. And this one being now one of my most favorite drawings on Thorax I have seen. ^.^
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Jioseph-superfan63Hobbyist General Artist
Wow! Thorax is adorable and creepy at the same time!

You make Thorax.......adoracreepy!
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sithwolfHobbyist Writer
u made thorax cry tsitra  I just noticed it  and its a wonderous detail bro great work friend
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aydi82Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Good job! Like it!☺
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KioskOfSquidsStudent General Artist
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quick peek : scary, evil
closer look, scarlycuite and lovely...

weird contradictory impression upon closer watch

*he's so happy he's crying*
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QueenBloHobbyist Digital Artist
aww :3
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NavelColtHobbyist Writer
I'd hug him without fail. His personality and voice are way too adorable.
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Two-broke-fangirlsStudent Traditional Artist
The eyes- 
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Uncanny and cute isn't common.  I think it works really well here.  Feels appropriate. 
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ScrawnypigeonStudent Digital Artist
Wow, this is so beautiful! Great work!
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KayclauHobbyist General Artist
If I cover his mouth, I can actually focus on the cuteness of the painting. However, if I cover the tears, it looks like he's really happy to find his next meal.
All together gives me mixed fillings, I feel heart warmed and threatened.
Pretty awesome, good job.
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Tsitra360Professional Digital Artist
Yep, its all in how you see it. And thank you.
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It´s really great :thumbsup: But once I´ve seen that face I had to laugh^^
Don´t know why though, nice work :3 
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Absbor-JHobbyist General Artist
This all looks very awesome! :silentkitty: Absb:star:r
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Silver--PenStudent Digital Artist
Why do I get a feeling of deja vu...

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PrincesstekkiHobbyist General Artist
Thorax is adorable! I would be his friend. :)
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KyoshyuHobbyist General Artist
...dayum. Conflicting!
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DingDongJRHobbyist Digital Artist
From the outset, he looks very scary. But look past that and you'll realise he is crying. Sometimes perceptions can be deceiving. 
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CitrusEucalyptusProfessional General Artist
Nice shot and angle of the viewer looking up at Thorax's face and the inside of his mouth. :)

I hope that you have a great and blessed day/night!
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