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Forest Glow

Fluttershy! Part of my set of MLP illustrations I will be selling as small prints and buttons for cons in 2013. Comments? I may not reply to everyone but I do read them all.

Timelapse Video! [link]

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What a beautiful artistic masterpiece. Great job man.
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so cute! hehe fluttershy looks so sweet and innocent Heart 
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Truly love the light effects!!! They sure make the touch on this adorable piece of art! :meow: :meow: :meow :
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Wow... your art is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for visiting my page, I am glad I got to see your gallery. IDK if you have an oc, but I have an art contest and the prize is a plushie, if you're interested I encourage you to enter.
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its wonderful =D and i love her crossed feet :love:
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I love you now.
;u; :iconheeplz:
To any and all who may view this art (and this comment)...

And to any who may be a Shantaerian, thank you all for the support!

But to any who may not be a Shantaerian (a nickname for someone who helped back the Kickstarter),
you can help to give continued support to Wayforward's project, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, through the link provided below.

With five Stretch Goals remaining, donating just a dollar would help a lot. If you can't then that's okay; just help spread the word instead.

To any and all new Shantaerians...
:iconrainbowsalute3plz::iconrainbowsalute4plz: [Welcome aboard, mister and miss!]
In all seriousness, however, Fluttershy is my most favorite out of the entire Mane Six (do to personality traits we share)!

Thank you so much, Mr. Tsitra360, for creating such an adorable representation of the most kindest pony of them all!

Keep on improving your technique and continuing to enjoy what you love doing!
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oh my I feel in love, I want buy the picture <3
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<font><font>Вау! </font></font>:happybounce: 
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It's positively fabulous.:D
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can you do one of derpy?
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those lights OwO looks so great! >w<
Mirage-Skies's avatar
I just love fluttershy! ♥ i also love how you did the trees and butterflies ^^
great job, fluttershy looks adorable :)
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This is awesome! So peaceful...
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I love this one! It's my favorite of them all... but... i noticed something...
something about all 3 of them, that i think is the one...the one little thing preventing them from being perfect... they don't look like they belong.. they all look like their posing for a picture... instead of looking truly alive. Many fans look at there favorite characters as being 'alive' ... but the fact that they are all, even as they are interacting with their enviornment... look directly at the viewer.. I have no problem with breaking of the forth wall, but they just don't feel as alive when you do that. It feels forced rather than natural. It feels fake rather than real. It feels animated rather than alive. Because I don't know about you... but I don't think you'd be staring at some random person on the other side of some 'screen' while butterflies flew around you. Or while you lassoed something. It just doesn't really look real... They don't look 'alive'
I still LOVE this piece though...the light is perfect... it I this piece. A LOT.
Whisperer-of-Winds's avatar
this one is amazing
But if I am to give you just a small critique in hope to perhaps make you do better, then I would say that there is something missing in this great work... something that would make her alive within this drawing instead of the still impression it gives.
Do I make sense?
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