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Fools Love

In my trip to Maine, I found a store selling black paper. Man its so much fun to work with. Prismacolor colored pencils really pops on the paper.

And of course, classic moment in MLP. The introduction of Chrysalis.

She's Electric! by Tsitra360  Princess Ember - Colored Pencil by Tsitra360  Luna's Future by Tsitra360 
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OK alien pony food
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So gorgeous!!! I absolutely love this! I really love it when you use traditional materials, Tsitra! Though your digital art is incredible as well! ^_^
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I agree about black paper! I really like working in pastels and they really pop too. My favourite thing about dark or neutral coloured paper is that glowing effects look really cool :) Love this drawing!
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Wow i didnt know that you could do this much on black paper!! loll and you use prisma oolored pencils!! man i heard those can work wonders, i really would love to get a pack of those pencils, im gonna be sure to get some soon. Lol
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shes better than cadance =p
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Superb work and anything that has my favorite villain gets my attention.
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I have to admit that the black paper and the prismacolor colored pencils  look pretty damn cool.
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Awesome work.  I love the details of the shadow.

I hope that you have a  great and blessed day.
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Yeap, deception is her game. :)
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you're art is AWESOME¡ :D Heart 
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Looks awesome!
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Love it.

Wonderful work
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this looks so awesome!!
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Oh my~ :D
Hehehe, nice work on this!
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Damn that reminds me of my divorce.
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How do they know, they got the real Princess Cadence? ;)
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