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Fluttershy - Collab Request


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Originally Uploaded Feb 23 2015

I had a blast when Vest :iconvest: and I did a multi-artist collaboration request stream.  Basically a multi-stream where you make a request and watch me draw the lines, and Vest color it on the same tab. It was a cool experiment.

Lines - :icontsitra360:
Coloring - :iconvest:
Requester: Skyler

AJ in the woods _ Collab by Tsitra360 Tatzljack_Collab by Tsitra360 Rainbow Pinkie_Collab by Tsitra360 
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KaciFloofz's avatar
Stahp being good at art.
matmax426's avatar
Such adorable :)
SimeonLeonard's avatar
I'd love a print of this. Ever offer it at cons? 
Azyrosstailsprower's avatar
Great Artworks, Man!!! I always love it!
ArtStude3n2's avatar
Found so long ago from a recent share on FB. :)
Gotta love your Fluttershy art.
TrebleSketchOfficial's avatar
The added pink tinge to her skin is lovely~! 
PlotTwistthePegasus's avatar
Pegasi flying are some of my favorite pictures. This is so good.
biancardc's avatar
I have a blog mlp
I can post your picture there?
JasAnderson1215's avatar
Beautifully done! That is why Fluttershy is my favorite pony. Shy and timid on the outside, but strong, brave, and kind on the inside. :)
RogerEisen's avatar
She looks so happy. I love it. "Look rainbow dash, I can fly better now".
She is like an Angel.
MLPegasis4898's avatar
Wooow!!! This looks truly amazing and beautiful!!! Looove it...!!! :heart: :love: :heart:
Blackvegetable's avatar
I believe she can fly... :heart:
Von-Seay's avatar
She looks very pretty!
MochiOtter's avatar
Omg this is adorable and extremely well drawn + colored
I love the lighting.
silberhase's avatar
Yay! Looks like she's about to become a Wonderbolt.
Redredbloodhood18's avatar
She's adorable :) 
wonderfully done 
Kyoshyu's avatar
ElementOf-Loyalty's avatar
*Cue every MLP fan dying from cuteness*
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