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Fluffy Scoots

A quick simple drawing of a fluffy Scootaloo. I'm experimenting with more noticeable fur and chosen Scootaloo as my test subject. Enjoy!

Watch how I drew this…
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I want to hug her so tight !!!! 
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So cuuuuute ! ^^
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This is so cute and the fur is amazing! What brush did you use for it?
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awwwwwwwwwww so cute and amazing
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lol Scootaloo looks grumpy 
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Oh, I can imagine Sweetie Belle looking like this! :squee:
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So adorable ;;
Is there a way of getting art from u?
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she looks so grumpy but so cute that no one would take it seriously SHES SOOOO FREAKIN CUUUUTE
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:iconitssofluffyplz: - IT'S SO FLUFFY!
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its so cuteeee
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Hnnng, must pet.
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Too adorable for words!
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Snuggly wuggly wiggly thing >w<
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shes the most fluffiest pegasi of all!
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This is adorable~
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