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Flight - Commission

Flying, or Levitating, must be thrilling to get off the ground like that.  Commission, really close to finally finishing all of them.
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Scootabelle fornever :c

But this fanart is really cute! ^^
Aww that's so sweet of Sweetie Belle to do that for Scootaloo.
Oh my gosh... Finally
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Wait. isn't her magic green?
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Yes... on this drawing, the magic is green ^^'
Have oyu got an eye problem ?
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When I saw this picture her magic looked blue...whoops.
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Love this im a big fan of mlp APHMAU HONEKONEKO Sanskit mew 
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She can flyyyyyyyyyy!
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Awww, hehehehe, nice job man!
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WoW they should do that in the show
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They look so cute in your style, really love how you made Sweetie's magic effect :D
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Very very nice! I love your work.
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Hey Tsitra, have you ever gotten your YT account terminated for post videos of your speedpaints? That's what happened to me today, except they didn't even send a notification or anything. No email or anything. :C
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Magic *snortsnort*
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Well aren't these two adorable and happy horses~ Nice work as always :)
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awwwww so cute =3
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