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Flame On _ Illustration for Discords Friendzy

Its been a long time since I drew fire twilight, this time as a fire alicorn! :O 

This is an illustration made for Discords Friendzy , a trading card game.
Check out the link about the game.…

Watch how I painted this.
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Twilight is a Kirin confirmed
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I know this is for a TCG, but could I use it in a story I'm working on? It really fits what I plan on Twilight looking like when the climax begins.
How did you draw those flames??? They are sooo good.. Nice job :)
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Those flames are  sooo  beautiful

Could watch'em for years
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That fire type!
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"I realized that not everyone can be changed through the power of are one of those who can't! NOW BURN!"
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This is why we don't eat hot cheetos.
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Okay... who messed with her books?
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I notice that her throat is glowing. I guess she'll go Chernobyl any second now.
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Good work.
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daaamn you paint flames so good
That would be so cool if this happened in the movie!
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Congratulations! Your TWILIGHT SPARKLE has evolved into RAPIDASH!
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Fire... burns... the fire burns forevermore!!!!!…

Awesome fire effects, looks almost real!
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The flames on Twi' look almost semi-real, and I really like the fire-energy-esque floor design.

A lot of energy is going on in terms of expression and environment. I can't say much more except a very nice job =)
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haha sick !!
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