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Fine Apple - RariJack Fusion


Silly idea I’ve been wanting to try out sometime. I’m sure I’m not the first to do this, so if my concepts are similar to another artists, its all coincidence.  And a side note, these are not OCs or offspring of the ponies, but purely two ponies literally as one. Think steven universe fusions.

Party Animal (FlutterPie)

Speed Reader (TwiDash)

Fine Apple (Rarijack)

Which one is your favorite?

Speed Reader - TwiDash Fusion by Tsitra360  Party Animal - FlutterPie Fusion by Tsitra360 

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I’m calling her apple crystal
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All I can think of when I see this fusion is, Southern Belle

Very cute. Rarity actually looks pretty good in blond. :)

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The glamour, style and fiance of Rarity combined with the outdoors, hard working ethics of Applejack.
No way their personalities are gonna compliment each other.
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What about a fusion of twilight and applejack 
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How would their completely opposite world views NOT cause their fusion to go insane?
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the apple is gona land on her horn
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Wow! This combines both characters perfectly! Amazing work with the design and over all concept
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I have found my ULTIMATE WAIFU <3
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Literally Apple Jewel.
Beautiful, strong, elegant and somewhat distracted.

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I wonder a fusion between Starlight and Trixie.
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Oh my GOD!! This is GORGEOUS!! ^__^

Please do Rairty and Rainbow Dasg fusion! ^__^
Well... if you're gonna to do more fusions, that is...
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Dat apple's gonna land on her horn! XD
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"Nopony said that you can't buck without class."

BEautiful work
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This works well! :)
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My favorite fusion, she is beautiful.
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Eh, not feeling it like the other two.
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Ahhh ça lui va pas du tout x'D
O_o..... *burp*...
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