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Final Snip


Buy as a print at WeLoveFine's website at [link]

Yes! She is finished. And wow, I really thought this one through. From the perspective the depth and all the way to the reflections I did it. Enjoy.

Programs: Photoshop CS5/Sketchbook Pro
Time: 22 hours


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These pictures you make are outrageously good.  Well done!
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This looks fantastic!!! Simply gorgeous!!! :wow: :omg: :omfg :O
The magic aura looks great and the background looks amazing, too!!! :heart: :love: :heart:
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This is incredible! :happybounce:
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It's just so... I want to cry. T.T

Tears of joy, just so there's no confusion.
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draw opal more she is so cute!
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I love your art so much this one has to be one of my favorites. YOUR MOST INSPIRING PIECE Was when rainbow dash's eyes were closed, she was in the air flying doing a sonic rainboom and she looked like she was relieved she did a sonic rain boom. How's your sis doing in ASL?
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How long have you been doing this I FORGOT LOL I saw your videos and stuff. How's your sister in ASL
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To reply to both comments, thanks! I love it when my art inspires. Also my sis has graduated from ASL, she actually has a few deaf friends too.
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good for her, its good to hear that! congrats to her, and hope she keeps up the good work.Its amazing what SL can do for you especially when you have friends that really cant hear you but you understand them and know what signals and things! i wanna learn shoot! once again, grats to her and keep up the good work tsitra! i watch your vids every day!
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I LOVE this scene!
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I love this its sooo cool!! rarity is my Favorited pony!!
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This is beautiful >w<
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I bought a poster of this at TrotCon. It's lovely!
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<comment> not like you're going to read this anyway.
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what brush did you use to get those sparkling effects?
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hard round brush.
Amura-Of-Jupiter's avatar
oh so you drew them in manually?
Amura-Of-Jupiter's avatar
well kudos for that xD i would of tried to find a brush made for that
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