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Finally drew Fausticorn! Just in time for EQLA 2015 where she will be a special guest.  If you're going to that convention, see this print there!

Art Timelapse Video: Link Watch how I drew this.

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This is an awesome picture of Fausticorn. Well done!

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Wow this is amazing!
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So I was lurking around and found a strangely similar art:  [Lum and Light] Princess Fausticorn by Light262
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I noticed Princess Celestia On the paper, I guess Princess Celestia is the raiser of the sun anymore? *wink wink* *nudge nudge* (Since they animate the sun, that also means she writes to make the sun rise!)
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this would make a great vector decal.
may i, and give you credit?
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ALL HAIL FAUSTICORN. I use this as my background on everything. I just love it!
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Wow this is stunning! Its artists like you that really inspire and motivate me to keep searching for new ways to improve my drawings :D (even though I still use bases >.<)  Great art!!
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How can there not be 1000000000000000000000000000000000 faves? It's simply not possible!! Jawdrop 
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lel i don't think there is that many deviants here XD
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Oh Lauren Faust; in this course it made me wonder that if tw MLP had taken had not removed in the third season
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Beautifully painted, SOOO cute! If you sold these, I'd buy one!!! Again so beautifully done!!! FANTASTIC JOB! :D
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This is gorgeous! New Profile Picture! 
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I really want her back as the producer. Meghan is destroying the show...
AlzMarioWolfe's avatar
...You're serious?
AlzMarioWolfe's avatar
Have you actually been watching the show lately? Probably not. It's too boring and shitty.
mrhistorybuff's avatar
No I've been keeping up on YouTube I never am up early enough to catch the show but I have caught all the episodes on YouTube at least I think I have ever watched all the episodes of season 6 except the one where Rainbow Dash join the Wonderbolts and I happen to Like flurry heart
AlzMarioWolfe's avatar
Flurry Heart looks demented 

How many more Crystal Empire episodes do you want

Seriously all she does is kick off Celestia because she thinks Celestia's unimportant and it's bullshit all for the fan service 
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Awwwwww... what a sweet tribute! :heart:
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I luv your arts Es increible! Es increible! Es increible! Es increible! Es increible! Es increible! 
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