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Equestria Girls In Equestria

Finally up! Colored version on my lines I submitted a few months ago. Enjoy!

Youtube Timelapse, see how this was made

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Le sigh, almost had this. But no, just used for a cheap gag. Meh.

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the pinkies are the only ones not interested

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Well, this aged well.

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I hate spike is 🤬 dog
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Spike XD
Spike: I'm dog in other world??? WTF
Sorry for my english.
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I right 💢💢💢
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One's missing, Sunset Shimmer 
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I would love to see this happen
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Well you'll get your wish.
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This needs to happen in the show or in a movie!
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You'll get your wish.
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The EQG ponies are like, "*gasp* These girls aren't even wearing any clothes, it's like seeing myself and my friends naked."
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Heh I like this.
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Oooohhh! I love it!

Wait... but if the eqgs came into Equestria with clothes on... does that mean that Twilight was secretly naked this whole time?!?!

This drawing is an Equestria Girls dream come true! "The Mane 6" and Spike the Dog from Canterlot High School meet "The Mane 6" and Spike the Dragon from The Pony World!! Nice having the humans/now ponies all on the left while the original ponies are on the right and having the humans/ponies wearing clothes to help tell the difference between the 2 groups! The human "Mane 5" finally get to experience what it's like to be ponies, meet Princess Twilight Sparkle again in her home dimension and meet their pony counterparts!! The pony "Mane 5" finally meet their human counterparts, seem shocked at how much their alike and both groups can't help but look at each other!!! Princess Twilight could look a little more sympathetic to Sci-Twi's reaction to being a pony since her 1st reaction to being human wasn't much better and dog Spike is still acting like a dog despite now being a dragon, funny, despite dragon Spike's "What?'' reaction!!! If 1 day the 2 groups should finally meet, it would be nice to see a moment like this happen in a movie, 2 part season opener, closer, special or comic! It also be great to see the human "Mane 6" plus Spike try to get use to being ponies and a dragon while the pony "Mane 5" getting use to being human with help from Princess Twilight since she's been 1 before if the 2 groups ever ended up in the other world!! Great job you did here!!!  
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The worst part is that we'll never get this in the cartoon.
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I wish they would do a crossover from the Equestria Girls into Friendship is Magic/Equestria for in a show as a two episode.
Anyone else wondering what the hell sunset is doing?
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