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Destroyer of Pies!

Pinkie has quite an imagination! Haha. Context: See latest episode Secrets and Pies

Watch how I drew this:
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RD: "I am Rainbow Dash, Destroyer of Pies!"

Me: "What about worlds?"

RD: "Man, screw the worlds! All I want is the pies!" 🥧🔫

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"Free! Free at last! Now I will have my revenge... and destroy all the pies!"

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all pies will fear and tremble before her!!
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That is an awesome drawing but also an really creepy face  xD. I'm gonna hide my pie's before she's about to destroy it!
Not gonna lie. That face is creeping me out. o_O
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Wobniar LOVES you!!
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When I first watched that scene, I couldn't help but laugh my ass off!
But this... GOD DAMN THAT IS SCARY!Time to haul ass out of here! 
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Best part of the episode!
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The laser eyes were just icing on this cake.
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I just watched the episode, and man Pinkie can not only break the 4th wall, her imagination can transcend and rewrite reality =p
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Don't know why but it made me remember that line of Finn the Human: "I am the end and the beginning. I am the hand of madnes!!"
Awesome work, sir.
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Crush Kill Destroy Swag !
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Crush. Kill. Destroy. Swag.
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Pony.MOV       watch it on youtube
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It's one of those 'little things' that the show is able to consistently pull off, it's the evil 'mwuah-ha-ha-ha' laugh that these ponies make.

Great laser-eyes and fangy mouth!
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"LET'S EAT CAKES!!!!!!!!"

Awesome work
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Fear me Pies! Fear me! Ah, hahahahahahahahaaaaaa!
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