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A magical malady washed over Equestria, affecting ponies in different ways. Dash caught it, and instead of quarantine she found a new use for the castle. (please note I'm not making light of the irl event, that is serious, wash your hands)

Haha, thats just my favorite context for the image. Whats your theory on what happened?

Watch how I drew this: youtu.be/62zJcRq2Kr8

See the tiny ponies easier by clicking Download for 5k version
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TrasformatorStudent Artist
By the way. Can't Twilight just shrink her? She can use powerful magic haha

Also she can transform her into smaller creature like a mouse etc. :D (Big Grin) 
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That stinks for anypony toward the top of the castle.
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Well, that's at least 'a' good use for that toy-castle.
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DarkMoonAnimationHobbyist Filmographer
She sure is scratching her big butt!
Scootaloo would be amazed.
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Guess she wanted to sit down but didn't realise the castle was there, and yet Twilight was annoyed. Also, I think I can see Big Mac and Sugar Belle having a picnic there, and Dr Hooves in the Tardis! Awesome!

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gotta scratch that itch

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tomboy561623Student Traditional Artist
Rainbow dash show probably find someway of taking care of her ichy but on something rather than a castle!
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Nice ass Rainbow Dash! I love it!
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I'm going to have to stop you right there
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DekuStrongestHeroHobbyist Photographer
Strange but ok
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I just noticed the TARDIS from Doctor Who.

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I thought I studied the whole picture
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ScyphiHobbyist General Artist
Unimpressed Twilight:iconsaysplz:"Dash. No."
Rainbow Dash (facepalm) #2 plz:iconsaysplz:"Oh, lighten up, Twi, I'm being careful."
Rainbow Dash (yeah evil) plz:iconsaysplz:"Besides, even if I DO mess something up, just think of that your excuse to finally renovate this ugly thing!"
Twilight Sparkle (hmm...) #2 plz:iconsaysplz:"..."
Rainbow Dash (snow pony) plz:iconsaysplz:"...you're considering it, aren't you?"
Emoticon - Twilight Sparkle Hmmm:iconsaysplz:"...only kind of."
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Um. That tree happens to be sapient. However, Dash is pretty bad at thinking things through so I can't necessarily complain.
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Tree wouldn't like that.

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Exactly. I was pointing out Rainbow Dash wouldn't immediately think of that fact.
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I can't wait to see Twilight's reaction :XD: But at least Dashie is happy ;)
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vestProfessional Digital Artist

Guess she would be the Element of Loy-AT-AT.

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"That armor's too thicc for blasters!"

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YoshiRingoStudent Digital Artist
Rainbow Rump :D
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