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Commission I completed a long time ago for :iconleveldasher: It was designed in a paintery style. :)

And this is his story based on this image.…
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Beautiful work and very touching subject matter. I've only had a chance to glance at the story, but it looks very touching too. I'll definitely have to read more of it when I have more time.
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That's beautiful - I really adore that style.
Princess Luna showing Star Swirl the not yet breaded, the ropes.
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Not shown in the show, everypony want to be with Luna. Okay. Possible what I wish her very much. Even if it's just for a stargazing session with her. Who is better at finding constellations that the one that create them?

Maybe.... and seriously maybe... if you get very close to her.... she might create one of you... I expect she'll may create one for Twilight. Who tells that there are not one of her sister and herself in the night sky?

Wonderful work
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This looks great! I like that style!
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Aw... How sweet!
Very nice! I especially like the eyes and the facial expressions. Great work!
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okay, that is both cute and awesome!
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so pretty , careful , best princess alert is going off.....
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Ah ok. I saw this around your pages, but could never find the actual image. Glad you re posted it. Despite it's sketchiness, it still looks amazing. I'll try to keep improving so that people may make comments like this on my art. Problem is, I don't do a lot of digital art 'cause my parents think i'm always playing games when i'm actually drawing. And when you spend about 2 hrs on a tram and another 6 hrs at school, it's a little difficult to find time to draw with a wacom. Anyway I've talked about things irrelevant. 


P.S I heard you had another deviant art page. Maybe your original where it has your early, EARLY first pieces of work. If this is true, could you link me please? Thanks. 
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ahh... so beautiful
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