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Come On Twily Lets Go Flying


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This is a style I dont do too often, (still takes me longer to paint than lineless) It was fun to make.

This is based on :icontridashie: youtube video Pony Girl. I loved it to bits!
See TriDashie's video here:…
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This is my wallpaper! I LOVE IT TO DEATH AND BACK!

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Did you ask for her/his permission to trace it?

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So? you can't prove it? Caught you, you trace that

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Mabye it might seem like tracing, cause I also draw it on my copy then trace from copy, but let's just stop this, no more argument, I will delete that photo, okay?

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Best in Flight Buddies!

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Omg Tridashie...
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This is soo nice picture! Can I make base of it?
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The race is on!
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I like the fact that Rainbow is in the middle of a downward flap. Usually, ponies have their wings spread outward by default. It's different. Well done!
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No it's not. That little dream bubble in A Royal Problem just had Rainbow and Twilight flying together. That does not mean Pony Girl is canon. They flew next to each other like that back in "Testing Testing 1, 2, 3", so it could easily be a callback to that. Or it's just a random dream they decided to make about Twi and Dash hanging out, and it's not a callback or reference to anything. Either way, I do no think it's a reference to Pony Girl. A Royal Problem was released early in Canada less than a month after the release of Pony Girl, and even at the time Pony Girl was released (April 29th 2017) "A Royal Problem" was finished, just not released. The episodes are done many weeks in advance, so it couldn't possibly have been a reference to Pony Girl. Also, why would they reference Pony Girl? There's been so many other fan projects bigger than this in the fandom over the years that's never been referenced in the show, so why Pony Girl? As far as I'm aware, the staff is also not allowed to take anything from the fandom and put it in an episode. (Episode 100 was an exception if I'm not mistaken).
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Thats was just a joke ._.'
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Sorry, I didn't know.
I'm used to people saying that and actually meaning it, and I get pretty triggered when people act like somethings a fact without actually researching it to find out if that fact is true of false.
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I love this! can you make a print of this by chance?
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Oh! Oh! Oh! Yeeaah!
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Beatifu and adorable work here
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