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Colt Crusaders

Cutie Mark Crusaders R63 Colt Versions YAY!!!!
(no idea what their colt names are, except Applebuck)

Rule 63 Main Six
Stallion Six by Tsitra360 The Other Mares_ R63 Concepts by Tsitra360 Background Colts by Tsitra360 
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Even as a colt, Scutes is still my favorite CMC.
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Scootaloo already looks like a stallion. :3
Sc3chCintr0n's avatar
I see what you did there.
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I thought Sweetie Bells would be Charming Chime myself. ^-^

Very nice.
JakeTheArmyGuy's avatar
Gah! R63 Babs is so adorable! Any chance we may see more?
lzsmith88's avatar
these guys are all in great shape for being..... what, 6th graders? anyway, nice work!
Lost-Our-Dreams's avatar

aweeesssommme I love the hair ;3;

They are:

Scootaroll, Silver Bell, Applebuck, and I don't know Babs'. Perhaps Bobs? xD Or Bubs lol

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You just lift them right xDD
This looks amazing Tsi :D
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Babs and Applebloom were really well done, I really like what you did with their R63 versions.

Leave it to Sweetie Belle to ask that :iconfacehoofplz: XP.
Names-Tailz's avatar
Couldn't Scootaloo's name somewhat stay the same since her name doesn't really sound gendered?

hmm Sweetiebell could be... I got nothing...
DarthWill3's avatar
Aw... Aren't they adorable?
De-Lupe's avatar
Sweetiebelle is my favorite filly, so it makes sense that Sweepy is my favorite colt.
Equilonic's avatar
Awww, Applebuck is the cutest! :love: How come none of the main cast has younger brothers? Or older sisters for that matter.....
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:lmao: my type of humor :D
MoppyPuppy's avatar
When ever I pick up girls I literally just pick them up and leave with them.
Very cute. :3 
Fairy-Slayer's avatar
Sweetie Belle ?-> Sour Ball, the adorable and apparently pretty clueless little colt who's curious about everything. They all look good, and I especially love Good Steed's scared face. Buck looks about as friendly as you can get. Scottaloo, yeah, I have to agree that even with a more squared snout his size (scaled against the others) makes it hard to see much of a differens. Maybe it's the beautifully coifed mane. As a matter of fact, the way his "hair" drops down in front of his little wings I get a Greek classical feeling about him. Surely he and his original will be great heroes someday. :)
Tsitra360's avatar
Scoots design is pretty gender neutral to begin with.  And not sure what you meant with the greek thing.
Fairy-Slayer's avatar
Without color the wings look a bit like laurels to me (and my iffy eyesight), especially since Scootaloo lends herself (or himself) to carrying such symbols of victory. :) It's probably just an association thing that my brain does.
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You forgot Applebuck's nostrils o.o
BuizelCream's avatar
Oh gosh!~ They're really, really cute! owo I find them better being colts to be honest x3
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