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Coffee Meet - Commission

Two ponies chatting away at a table. Real simple concept, and I loved it.

And woo! Another commission posted. That makes me really close to finally opening for commissions again. (More specific details later in a future journal post)

For Syronck
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Glad I have such green eyes
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
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Isn't that romantic?
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She's a cutie, love the large bow!
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Very nice^^ though I know MLP´s a show,
I wonder if wings could have a function similar to hands XD 
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they did use them like actual hands. 
ShadingChaos's avatar
Sure I know XD but I´ve meant if it´s possible to
have such function in RL. (My mind is full of junk sometimes XD I question things sometimes)
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awww i love the way how you shade ;p
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looks super and nice
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I didn't know Pegasus ponies could do that!
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Love the shading in this picture,
great job!
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Wow, I didn't think a feather was strong enough to hold a coffee cup. But hey! This is Equestria! 
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Wow, I have not seen her scared much at all...
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well there are bones on the inside they are just covered with feathers
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I like this kind of simple pics, they are so relaxing and reflect very well what MLP is about.:D
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I love the expressions.
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Looks fantastic! Thanks for the commission!
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