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Coco_ 30 Minute Challenge

I love this character. So I jumped the chance to quickly draw her for a 30 minute challenge.  I actually finished in 29 minutes ironically haha

Real Time recording on how this was made!…
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 30 minutes?Really?Awesome!!! :squee: 
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The video is blocked because of copyright. I can't watch it anymore.
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That's weird, at the moment I'm watching it right now.
Sugarush13's avatar
I cant watch the vid on utube Waaaah!  Can you make another one of those?? Of scootaloo?! OMG! I can't contain my excitement! 
FloweryFruitFangs's avatar
The fact that you can do THIS in 30 minutes amazes me. 
PkGam's avatar
Neat art style. It's like she is "dissolving" into paint.
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were did u get that timer
carminlovesart's avatar
amazing as always!!!:) (Smile) 
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Absolutely amazing 
PegasusMeteor's avatar
Pretty nice drawing I love her too.
KDENdrawings's avatar
um what program did you use to draw this
strawberrythefox1452's avatar
i think he uses photoshop
KDENdrawings's avatar
wow i really like EVERYTHING
Human-pon3's avatar
Beautiful artwork! I loved the video as well!
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She looks adorable!
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Seriously, how do you do this in only half an hour? It'd take me probably around a week just do make something half as good... you're just so good.
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She is so adorable.
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very nice :D thank you for putting that link with the songs in description ;)
Klarseolt's avatar
Smooth and nice!
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Show still impresses me with it's capability for referencing. Coco Pommel is a reference to Coco Chanel whom also had her own beginning in a theater.
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"Oh, dear. I appear to be disintegrating..."

But this is seriously awesome.
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Very lovely coloring c:
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