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My first pokemon in Pokemon Go, I named him Zippo. What was your first pokemon?
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:shocked: wow, nice!! :clap:

:giggle: Zippo...

I don't play Pokemon Go. ;p
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My first Pokémon game ever was Pokémon yellow so my first Pokémon was Pikachu, I named it Cutie.
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Looks amazing! What tools did you use to make this? ^-^
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I chose Charmander first too! XD And this art is amazing ^^
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that has to be my favorite charmander fanart ever... go, zippo ^^
oh, and my first go pokemon was also charmander... when i started playing pokemon red (ah, good ol' times xD), i chose bulbasaur because everyone said the game would be easy to beat with him xD
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Zippo! I know why! Cause that's Ritchie's charmander's name! XD I just don't know how he came up with that name for Charmander.
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mi primer pokemon fue charmander y lo llama Zorrimon XDD 
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In Pokemon Go my first pokemon was Bulbasaur 
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Oh my god! This is so amazing!
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OMG YOURE SO GOOD AT DRAWING POKEMON HOLY CRUUUUUUUD!!! then again, you're super good at drawing everything XDD the lighting and textures are flawless!
please, oh great senpai, bestow upon me your art skills D.O : Please No 
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My first Pokemon was a Pikachu! :D course that was in Pokemon Yellow :P
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This is one hot image! ha ha
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Amazing!! The position and colouring is brilliant! Xx
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Thank you so much.
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You're absolutely welcome!! I'm very impressed xx
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As in Zippo lighter. :) Now that is one flaming creature.
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Soooooooo cute, now I will think of my Aventura (my Char) all day.
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One of my gf's favorites! I find it cute as well.
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