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CMC Set_SweetieBelle

Originally Uploaded Nov 11th

2 out of 4 CMC drawings.  
CMC Set_Applebloom by Tsitra360 CMC Set_Babs Seed by Tsitra360 CMC Set_Scootaloo by Tsitra360 
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These colors, this style, the Sweetie Belle.... just can't find the right words to express my satisfaction for the cuteness I see before me. Love Heart 
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Too cute! :3 Really good
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So cute argl!
Also nice reference to S04E08 ^.^
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I love the cinnamon fabric *wink* wink grin Sweetie Belle Emote Sweetie Belle Emote 
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Someone adorable is learning the ropes... :aww:
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OMFG that's too cute :)
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Aaaww!!! Sweetie Belle, why you so adorkable??? :meow: :meow: :meow:
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May find fabric dumb, but still ready and willing for helping her big sister Rarity.

Wonderful work
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having heart attack. so cute
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Gaaaah! So CUTE! Oh, I see Rarity's key is on there, too.
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what about scootalo?
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Sweetie the little tailor. :)
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Cute as ever, Sweetie Belle! We love you so much! :iconsweetiecutie-plz:
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Striking eyes. Love it! 
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