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BronyCon 2013 Youth Badge

I enjoyed seeing the young ones wearing this badge. (Clockwise: Blue one is Hoof Beat, Mane Event, then Blank Canvas)

Three Day Badge:…
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love it. ^^ cartoony and cute. ^^
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sometimes when I was little and I went to the store and buy milk for my mom came back with a good stead. She was kind of upset but then there is the sea enemies in the bottom bikini they were kind of strange looking. I think this occurs to me because the time again then we went on the other information stuff but it was kinda weird in the Michael Bay.
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I'm not being random you're being random. I'm just using the voice to text feature on my phone it is far better than typing because I can just talk about random crap and it appears it cool. Obviously there are typos along the way to my cuz it just makes the sentence a lot more interesting.
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Oh, now it makes more sense. There was a few words in there that was making it sound random.
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this was the badge i got!!!!!!! i think...

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wouldn't that be counterclockwise?

but i was wearing this badge. great artwork and design for all of them.
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I want to rub those exposed tummies so badly <3
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I love this youth badge art so much!
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