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Big Sis Now

Looks like the Poison Joke plants has invaded the Sweet Apple Acres! AJ is stuck being the lil sister again.

Watch How I made this

I felt the snout could be smaller and the mouth closed, plus I COMPLETELY forgot to turn on a few layers for blue lighting (and the ladybug).  If you prefer the original you can still find it here…

Watch real time footage on my Edit:…

Squirt by Tsitra360  Dress Up by Tsitra360 
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rainbow is so small

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I love these paintings you've made! The size dynamics really inspire a sense of wonder. You'd be great at illustrating children's books! :sunnysideup:
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aww! cute!!!! Excited Rainbow Dash chat emote  
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What would funnier is if they had the opposite effect on Applebloom causing her grow into a really big sister. At least as tall as a barn. Meanwhile Appleteeny  is stuck trekking thru a jungle of yellow fur as tall as Redwoods.   
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the big pony's face is adorable 
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I like how realistically you draw the coat! 
AH Poison Joke!
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she's so powerful ><
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This is just so adorable... It made my day, thank you so much for drawing this, it's wonderful!
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Oh, this is too silly. :giggle:
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Aww apple bloom looks so cute! >.< 
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I love this one!
I really like the way you do the fur. Can we do a multistream on Picarto sometime?
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Fantastic detail right here.
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I think the edit made this a lot better. It looks like less of a... you-know-what image now.
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