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Big Mac Warrior_Kallisti IV Request 3

Big Mac as a warrior for Yozap.  (This took me an entire afternoon) From the charity stream Kallisti IV on Saturday. Thanks to all who joined in the massive multi-artist stream, and special thanks to those who donated!

About the Kallisti IV charity stream:…

Spitfire Trail_Kallisti IV Request 5 by Tsitra360 Girly Dress_Kallisti IV Request 4 by Tsitra360 Big Mac Warrior_Kallisti IV Request 3 by Tsitra360 Cannon Pillow_Kallisti IV Request 2 by Tsitra360 Rasberry! Kallisti IV Request 1 by Tsitra360 
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You don't need fancy magic or fragile wings to be a warrior of the Princesses' armies! All you need is four hooves and a will as strong as any draft-pony's back!
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Simply awesome.
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Well it came out nice, so I guess it was worth it.
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Fun fact: "pommel" is not just the bit on the hilt of a sword, it's also part of a saddle AND a type of apple-like fruit.
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This almost reminds me of Fallout: Equestria XD
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So awesome!! :la: Radical armor design :D
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He looks amazing.
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This just took an afternoon??! that's amazing!
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He would do a great warrior. Strong, working hard, not talk much... but pacific too. So... I'm no sure...

Wonderful work
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They call him BIG MAC because he's... Big... and his name is Mac...

It was better in my head.
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Just.....AWESOME!! Squee!!!
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That's some extensive armour.
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I'd like to see an episode like that: During a trip to Canterlot, Big Mac saves someponies from a burning building, and some Royal Guards spot him and they invite him to join to Royal Guards :D
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"Do you enjoy being a warrior Big Mac?"
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Cool Clap 
Now he is dangerous
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ah yes,THIS one......XD it was amazing to watch you draw this piece of art....
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:iconflutterblushplz: So handsome...
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