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Battle Damaged - SpeedPaint

Spoilers! Well if you're reading this now .... whoops too late. Gotta avoid social media until you see new episodes am I right?

1 Hour speed paint. I recorded the process, I might upload the thing as a real time video.
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She's DEADLY serious now👍

Cloudy-Borealis's avatar… someone has traced your lovely art without permission. 
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I fav'd it a loooong time ago, I was not watching MLP yet, only now I understand the "spoilers" :D
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That look on her face...that is of someone that has seen countless bloodshed and war...amazing...just...amazing!Clap Clap Clap 

In my list of fav's it goes!Love Love Love 
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So Badass, so awesome!! Geat job!
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we are damaged...badly damaged..but that does not make us wise
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Too bad that we are never going to see her again.
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cool drawing of the crystal war Rainbow dash 
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Amazing job as always :D
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This is awesome!!! Llama Emoji 27 (Awesome) [V2] 
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Nice job I love it I like the scare goes well with the eyes and hair.
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Wow... :thumbsup: Fantastic!
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This is so great!
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wow thats badass
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Oh my goodness, oh my dayum
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