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Battle! (Arizona Cow vs Applejack)


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An idea I wanted to do for quite a while, definitely not the first to do an AJ vs Arizona drawing, but I wanted to do one anyways. Focused on extreme angles and perspective, with a feel of an intense feeling something is about to go down!

Timelapse Video for this drawing. Check it out. 
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This looks so awesome.

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Interesting POV.

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SHE LOOKS LIKE A REAL HORSE :O Great job on this!
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Looks like two members of the west are about to duke it out! Epic looking picture! EPIC!!!!La la la la La la la la La la la la Love Love Love 
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I really hope you at some point remake this!!
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I really like this perspective.  The details on Applejack are really good. Especially her hind leg.  I just love seeing all those muscles.  Great job.  ;)
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no vagina shot :(
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faggot ._. 
flamespeedy's avatar
Lesbian but yes :P
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Oleander + Twilight
Velvet + Rarity
Arizona + Applejack
Pom + Fluttershy
Paprika + Pinkie Pie
Tianhuo + Rainbow Dash

In my opinion, these would all make great pictures!
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Team Arizona!!! 🐂🐂🐂🐮🐮🐮
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That cow done screwed up and messed with the wrong pony. Get 'im A.J.
wilnet1tractor's avatar
Ya ate mah harvest of apples.
 I didn't see yer name on dem apples.
 Whoe boy, dem fight'n heards. XD
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Love it, and am I the only one that can picture them sitting and having a drink afterwards no matter who wins?
CrazyGraeHawkatoo's avatar
Very nice work!  Also...

Dat flank~
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This is cool! Are you going to do something like this for the others? My Little Pony six VS Them Fighting Herds six?
IJoinedForPonies's avatar
I love the detail of their bodies, good work! ^^
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love the extreme angle! don't know enough about horses to know if the details of AJ's leg are accurate, but it looks amazingly detailed either way.
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Based on general quadruped anatomy, those legs are far from ok, there is very little space left for thigh tendons... but then again, that's how the show's models are drawn, so it's "show accurate"?
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Well it is a magical, talking pony - so we should give it some leeway.
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