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Bass Rockets_Commission

By Tsitra360
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Fun commission for Silva Hound! Check out and get his EP album BassRockets at Bandcamp! [link]

Check out the timelapse [link]

Please comment, I may not be able to reply to everyone but I do read them all :)

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Catnip1996Student General Artist
I saw this on YouTube. Far out you are extremely skilled. I am so impressed by your work. I'm gonna look up the information for your commissions because this has to freaking happen. What an extraordinary piece.
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VividSyntaxHobbyist Writer
Hot damn I wish I was that cool. XD
TeddyKelly07's avatar
TeddyKelly07Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Crimson-Vector's avatar
Crimson-VectorHobbyist Digital Artist
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RedEmber00Hobbyist Digital Artist
How do you get commissions? I see people doing commissions who are just at or below my artistic level (at least in my opinion) that get commissions? I'm not saying that you are below me at all, totally not true, but I thought I might as least ask... I mean.. if that's ok..
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Ghostly-TomHobbyist Digital Artist
used here:[link]

sorry i should of asked for permission first, i will know better for new time, just let me know if you want me to take it down.
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I'm actualy watching the speed paint for this drawing this very second!
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ThatNoodlerHobbyist Digital Artist
How much is each commission?
Ciprianii's avatar
CiprianiiHobbyist Digital Artist
Did I told you, that you're awesome? :XD:
Burning-Question's avatar
Burning-QuestionStudent Digital Artist
Ok this is very cool! I like the perspective.
Scrooples's avatar
ScrooplesHobbyist General Artist
I wish this could be a shirt, great work Tsitra! I get an Incredibles vibe from this and im not sure why.
xXHollowLittleSoulXx's avatar
xXHollowLittleSoulXxHobbyist Digital Artist
You gotta give me the song that was on your speed paint video................ I NEED IT!!!
xSilketsu's avatar
xSilketsuHobbyist Digital Artist
This soo COOL! :)
KibbieTheGreat's avatar
KibbieTheGreatHobbyist Digital Artist
Probably the best work I've seen from you. Awesome job dude!
Whitefire-Phoenix's avatar
Whitefire-PhoenixStudent Interface Designer
WOW!!! :wow:
nekokawaiineko's avatar
nekokawaiinekoHobbyist Traditional Artist
Flipping LOVE!
djjafeth's avatar
djjafethStudent Digital Artist

a perfect song for this image e.e
ratchet513's avatar
ratchet513Hobbyist Digital Artist
So Awesome! :iconrainbowdashsquealplz:
Spark-Dragon's avatar
Spark-DragonStudent Artist
asdfghjkl 3D!!
Tsitra360's avatar
Tsitra360Professional Digital Artist
It's not 3D. :)
Spark-Dragon's avatar
Spark-DragonStudent Artist
but it looks so real!
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Angelstar7Hobbyist Digital Artist
Man this looks so fly. I love the notes on the rockets. Great work!
Tsitra360's avatar
Tsitra360Professional Digital Artist
Thank you ^^
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