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Originally Uploaded Feb 23 2015

Gryphons love that bacon smell...she can have the bacon if she has some bits.
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Just give her the bacon. It's not like you can eat it.

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Do you ever draw Pan Sizzle anymore?

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cute character
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This is so good, like always. Who's the OC?
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Do you have a reference for the Bacon pony? ;w;
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It's vegan bacon! ...surely...
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.....only if the cows knew......
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You and I both, Gilda. :)
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Gilda love bacon. :D
And I love Gilda. ~
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How about a compromise instead, in the form of, say...bacon bits? :slow: Yeah, that was lame :XD: Great coloring and perspective :clap: I like it!
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He's the guy who used to work on vore a lot...
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I would love to know the story behind that cutie mark. :O
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Bacon !! Great ! ^^
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Glad to this this colt again. Love the speed paint where I originally saw him flutters face is still priceless in that image. :D
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Gilda: Give me that bacon!!!!
Bacon pony: Got some Bits?
G: I'm gonna give you some bites instead if you don't give me some.
BP: Oh shit!

Wonderful work
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I love it Tistra360, great art.
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Better run before she eats you.
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Love bacon! Love Gilda's expression!
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Looks like she's really trying to rake in that bacon. But aren't we all?

Great illustration
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