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Arizona Cow

My favorite character from Them's Fightin' Herds. Not just because I live in Arizona haha.

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I'm not affiliated with Mane 6, the developers, but they need all the help they can in making this game! If you don't have a dollar to donate, go and share their indiegogo page, it all helps.

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Did you donate? Let me know!
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My favorite character as well :D
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Ah, you live in Arizona too? What city? X3
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Fellow Arizonian 
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Ah, what city do ya live in?
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Why do you care?
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Also, I live in Arizona too, I just like to as show I am in relation to other people.

Why do I always come off as a stalker while explaining these things XD
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Eh, don't really care, just curious. If you don't wanna say that's fine.
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I saw this speedpaint!
Its awsome
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Plus many others
Thanks for supporting this Tsitra! That picture is awesome! (but Velvet is still best Ungulate. Sorry.) Also, is that the Friendship Express back there?
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I Love it, this pic is AWESOME!  and Yup, I donated. Did the "Menacing Shadow" tier cause of all that music, and thats as much as I can afford. But, cool pic, the depth and detail is seriously impressive!
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Hi Applejack!
Sorry, sorry, I just had to say it. Sorry.
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So when are you gonna draw the best character from TFH?

(Hint: she's fluffy and from the cold, anc casts ice, and is a reindeer, and her name is velvet. :P)

But seriously, this is great~ Love the textures in the environment and the rendering of the character herself.
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I'd love it if you did more TFH pics. :D
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Fantastic picture. And they made it. We got Arizona!
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"Don't you dare try your lasso on me or I'll kick your butt!"

Cutest calf.

Awesome work
I dropped $15 - which is alot for me! - and am glad I did. Go read the lore guys, it just keeps getting better. Oleandar's just came up and its the best yet! I alrdy love Fred...
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this looks amazing! And I love the background too. <3
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Can't wait to see Arizona's stage!
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Arizona? Cow? Awesome?! :D
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