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Archershy Flutterbow


Available now as a Teeshirt!


Started out as a experimental style sketch, and then it turned into a full piece. Expect more dames soon..Dash is next Oh and what do you think of this style?
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MLP: FiM + Legend of Dragoon = SO FLIPPING AWESOMENESS!!
Fluttershy + As Shana from Legend of Dragoon =SO FLIPPING EVEN MORE AWESOMENESS!!
Legend of Dragoon just got 20% more AWESOMENESS!!
I am so getting the tee of this AWESOMENESS!!
OH MY FLIPPING GOD!! You made Fluttershy Shana from Legend of Dragoon by putting her in her Armor! You are SO FLIPPING AWESOME!!!! *SQUEES! AGAIN* *Dies of AWESOMENESS OVERLOAD AGAIN* *Is Revived By Twilight Sparkle again* I'm Okay! *Twilight Sparkle rolls her eyes at me* Oh sush Twilight!
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how can i download this picture at a maximum resolution 1545 × 1200 or larger?

(sorry for english? don't speak, it's translater)
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Просто супер, хотя крылья великоваты :)
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soo.. how would shoot..?
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i really really really really really really.... really really like this style!!!
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Great stuff - saw your ponybots shirt on welovefine and made my way here. Suffice it to say that you have some amazing, amazing talent!
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By birth, all Pegasi are warriors, all of them. It is in their blood and in their souls. Even this one. ;)
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luv luv luv luv luv luv luv luv luv luv luv LUV IT!!!!!!! all of ur work is terrific!!!!
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EEEEEEE I love it!
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how does one shoot an arrow with hooves
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How does pinky hold drumsticks with hooves
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its pinkie pie with her logic is nothing
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"I'm sorry, did I shoot you with my arrow?"
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It has a more realistic feel to it than your former style. Also with it, it allows for more details, but on that same note, allows for a greater margin of error. Increase the challenge, increase the rewards and increase the skill. Never settle for the status quo. Aim bigger.
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I suggest making the wings a little less prominent because my eye is more drawn to those than the actual figure and I think this would lead to countless comments on the wings an hardly any on anything else(unless this was your intent). Other than that the style is nice because it is not so close to the show that it seems like a lot of other fan art for mlp but is just different enough that if you where to do this more often I would be able to recognize the artist (you) as the person who made it despite not knowing the name of the artist before hand.
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Thanks. Its a style experiment. So the wings was on purpose with its scale. :)
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xD i really need to get better at drawing man imean i wanna be able to draw like that xD
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