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Apple and Pie

Here's a version on my previous drawing where its the photo itself.  Enjoy.

The Apple And Pie by Tsitra360 
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This is so beautifully done. So detailed and cute at the same time, Amazing work! =D
Wow, this is funny and very detailed to boot!
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Pretty good Tsitra. I still think you need to work on the face structure to make it more appealing(thats just me). 
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lol! This is so cute! <3
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The smiley is not amuzed  Really?... F*cking really?!?! 

Move on!!! This shit is so old now!!! :angry: 
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Seriously? Get out.
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-_- Stop posting this
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best selfie ever xD
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:iconphotofinishnotamused::iconsaysplz:So much red-eye! Zis is not da magics!

Those squishy cheeks. :D
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O.O this is incredible 
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you forgot to correct for red eye
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Wow, it looks amazing! They look a little evil with that red light in their eyes. I love how you did that. :) It's weird that otherwise it's a perfect photo and they still have the red eyes.
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The effect is superb. :)
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This looks great! The red-eye effect really give it that 'at the moment' feel to it!
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Really lovely work, and sooo cute! :squee: Love their expressions and the wonderful coloring~ :love:
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