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Apple Bite_Update2

Decided to finally upload this piece of work. 100% painted, no Photography or Photomanipulation here.

6 Hours. Photoshop
Reference: [link]

(Update: Forgot to include the download link, now you can have it as a wallpaper.)
(Update2: Image no longer broken. :D )
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Aj is the new Indiana Jones!(lol wanted to say that because of her hat)
FrozenAmythest4's avatar
Oh my Celestia, that looks so real!!!!
This is really well done *3*
ObliviousNoodle's avatar
I really thought the apple was real and I was like whoa someone can bite into an apple really precise XD
CattoNugget's avatar
you drow that? cuz its look so real!!!!!!
P-I-N-K-S's avatar
wait hold on hold on.. ''no photography'' THIS IS A DRAWING? HOLY SHIT THAT HAT IS SO REAL :oo!!
zeepaarden's avatar
WTF you make it just.... ...... 10D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JokerDelux's avatar
notch in the apple, missing shadows and depth.

jewelery on the hat is too elongated and blurred
Mn27's avatar
almost got me fooled there
Tsitra360's avatar
I'll try harder next time.
selftaughtartist1's avatar
O_O painted?!?!?! FANTASTIC!! lol i thought it was a photo!
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Shadow-Wolf32's avatar
Excuse the caps, but it totally looks like a photo!
Tsitra360's avatar
Yes, digitally painted. The apple itself is 5000 pixels.:)
Shadow-Wolf32's avatar
That's unnatural (in a good way XD)
SolarFlare-Solis's avatar

excuse me while I go practice.... a lot....°~°
blazah99's avatar
Nice but not being an artist i think the hat has way to much reflection from the apple on it, its leather after all not a granite. =P
Tsitra360's avatar
You'd be surprised. ^^;
misaethewolf's avatar
Wow I thought this was real :o
Tsitra360's avatar
kittykathats's avatar
Amazing!! :wow: It looks so real!!! ^^ :clap:
Tsitra360's avatar
Thanks, I tried my best.
dragonfire238's avatar
you should make prints and sell them i bet some people will buy because they think they are getting a hat
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