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Update: The timelapse on youtube is finally up! [link]

Speedpaint on today's episode. 5 hours.

(Comment? I may not reply all of them, but I do read them.)

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Anyone else notice Lyra in the backround?
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D'aaaaaaw Dashie is so ADORABLE.
rainbow dash icon 
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Aw... this scene... I feel bad for Dashie...
Woah! Lyra?! She almost creeped me out! How in the world did she arrived to Cloudsdale, anyway? :fear: :fear: :fear:
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My Little Dashie!!!
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RainbowStrike is the best Father in all the MLP universe.I'd love to see an episode of just the Fathers.
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lyra is in the backround 
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Alright... I'm gonna start by saying that I've NEVER noticed him before. Also, I'm pegging him as a brother, not a father. (I know that was random, but bear with me here) I write a fair deal of 6-7/10 stories on fimfiction, and this has given me a brilliant idea for a home-hitting feel story. All I ask is your permission to use this as the cover art (with credit given of course), and that you read it if you wish to do so. I shall return with a title and possibly a link in two days time. If I'm not back by then, send someone for my body. 

Seriously though, that story will not be deterred unless I'm dead or you don't grant me your permission to use this as the cover art. I won't write it otherwise.
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Naming him Spectrum Dash. No one take this name for their own evil intents. I coined his name, you will call him Spectrum Dash and you will acknowledge that I was he who named him so! That is all.
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LOL Lyra in the Background!
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Yeah, don't know how to use emoticons
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I just noticed Lyra's face... from Season 3, right? o-o
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So coooooool! Is this a painting!?! It looks... amazing!
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You do the BEST panting in pony history
Too bad she had crushing disappointment moments later.
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