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All The Colors

Uploaded just a few days ago! I'm finally caught up!

Another speed paint and experiment in colors. Also I got inspired from seeing a Dash plush where the hair goes right down the middle, like a horse. It looked good.

Question: I'm wondering if this is a good shirt design. (White, Black, Dark Blue shirts) Would you want to buy one if I made it into a shirt design?
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I'd LOVE this on a shirt! Would totally buy it! *3*
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The smug smugginess. :)
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Would wear as a shirt... Would get it as a print too. Awesome work as always!
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A Rainbow Dream Inspired by this pic! ^-^
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i would totally wear this as a shirttttt! #RainbowFag v:
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I probably would buy this as a shirt especially since Dash is my favorite pony
Do you know the Toymaker's son?
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Wonderful work
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Simply awesome!
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Lovely! She's not one of my favorite ponies but a shirt with that one would be very tempting.
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Stunning use of colour!
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I would definitely buy this on a shirt.
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Just gorgeous /)
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I would SO buy that shirt, if I could ^^ Super cool design.
Wixi2000's avatar
Awesome! Like always!
StormSwirl1's avatar
If I had money, I'd buy a shirt like this.
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even tho the color is darker when put on shirts I say it be a good shirt design.
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Nice! Also, I would totally buy it as a shirt if I could :D
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