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All Over Tee Design

My first all over tee! You can get it now at WeLoveFine

Size of the shirt will determine how much of the image you can see! Shown above is Small.


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:icondashienuuuplz: Product is no longer available!
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awesome T print
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This is brilliant! Currently my wallpaper :)

Anyone know of anything like this for Pinkie? Can't find anything nearly as amazing :(
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i received my shirt
at first it look great, except that there was a few folds near the shoulders and neck, and the print did not cover the tissue under the fold's ... making white lines on the shoulder and the neck.
cost 44$ all fee, to get it, i am a bit disappointed in the company who printed them (wen a normal teeshirt cost 8$ in good quality clothing shop, 44$ is a disapointment).
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Bring it up to customer service on welovefine instead of bringing it here. They can probably swap it out. No two sublimation tees are the same, you probably just got a bad one. Let me know how it goes.
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i wonder
Can't you design a awesome HOODIE wit your art ?
OR even a full 1piece clothe (poly+spandex pyjama) wit detachable booties like something close to this base : [link]
wit what you did for this Tee design, i am sure you would be able to do something like this for a next work or already existing work...

Best would be to actually have the cutie marks on the flanks of the full 1piece clothe (poly+spandex or pure spandex), wit a 'real' wings and 'tail' to O_O
ohohohoh, MAKE LUNA ?????
i would so be intended to buy if you actually make a 1-piece pyjama out of a luna work you could make, would be soo epic.
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39,95$ spend to get it, hope i actually receive it soon...
I soooo never spend money on clothing, first time i spend "so much" for a small piece of clothing (usually buy nearly-new clothes at recycling stores, they are almost new and cost 10-20% of normal price ...)

But i bet it was sooooo wort it !!!
Spandex+poly tissue = resistant & flexible ^^
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Bought. It is just so amazing. You did a phenominal job on this! Thank you!
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epicness most t-shirt
is it well resistant to machine wash or will it lose it's colours easily ?
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I thought it said walmart at first. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME IF IT WAS AT WALMART.
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oh man that would!
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need. q w q
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*le fangirl gasp* I want this T-SHIIIIIIRRRRRTTTTTT! :DDDDDD
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Hehe I saw you make that in the livestream c:
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Love it. I hope to get it someday. :D
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yes,beautiful xd
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I would think if you were to wash that, the colours would just flow like a river lol
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Nope. Its a sublimination process that applies the colors, if it did they wouldn't be selling so many of the past all over shirts.
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I heard from a friend that the Vinyl one they sell that covers the whole tee ran a bit, I just saying that because that one is very detailed it could do the same, my friend's tee was still find after though, guess it might just happen on the first wash
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Any shirt can do that if not washed correctly, this is not a cotton shirt so may need a different approach to a wash. WLF would've added a handed on how to wash the shirt correctly. Like the normal shirts, you have to turn them inside out to help protect the illustration.
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I have bough tee shirts before from there, they tell you to wash then cold, but even then first time washes colour can come out somewhat if the colours are strong, but hay im not saying it could happen all the time, and it may not even be that bad, my concerns are just because the image is full and very detailed it all
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