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Alicorn Daddy

Looks like Shining is an alicorn now.  Cute idea I had to color.
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Hope them big wings didn't make her birth to rough for Cadence 
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I cannot express exactly how perfect this picture is!  He's such an awesome daddy.  ^_^
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Awww... What a sweet moment.

Wonderful work
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Always these buttshozs
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D'aaaaaaaaw. :)
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They are just the cutest!
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"I'll be your wings, Daddy!"
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Oh, that is actually so good! The colors are magnificent, and of course, the two are absolutely adorable! :aww:
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Aww! He's a really great dad. I wish he was my father too...:D
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Shinings is great dad
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The best part is I can see this happening in the show, Shiny carrying Flurry on his back.
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:iconprincesstwilightplz: "I've sensed a bit of wing envy about him ever since I became an alicorn. Flurry Heart's just made it worse I think..."
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Its like me and my dad
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Is that else's ice castle? I bet Elsa could help Flurry heart control her powers u w u
I know she doesn't have ice powers but it's a cool idea
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This is amazing!! :D
Nice job with it
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"Daddy Pwince now!"
That's what I hear coming from Flurry.
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:icontrollestiaplz::iconthinksplz:Oh if only she knew what I have in mind for him...:iconthinksendplz:
:icontwilightwtfplz: "... Is Celestia up to something about that?"
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