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Alexandra - Commission

Speed paint commission for :iconheadlongequestria: 

More from my recent commission batch.
Show Off - Commission by Tsitra360 Ben - Commission by Tsitra360 Befish - Commission by Tsitra360 
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WOW! do u do commissions for points or free? 
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can you do Lilly Salt?

she's a pegasi by the way. You ca'nt tell from the picture
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Lovely, I must say! :D
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Just found out about Caboni32, is it true? :33 (you should know what I mean)
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I don't know would you like to tell me please?
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I'll send a note
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That looks really amazing!
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i love it make more:happybounce: :happybounce: Clap Clap 
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Oh my goodness. There is a god! /)
Those wings look beautiful
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oh my goodness this is gorgeous!
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Be sure to drink plenty of Sarsaparilla!!.....What? It gives you more sass. =p
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Beautiful with a hint of sass. :)
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Can I plz have your talent...
double-ZR-tap's avatar
you can. it just takes 10 years of wrist braking labor to have it...
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That is why I strongly believe that if we were all ponies, and Starlight managed to successfully take our artist cutiemarks, then she'd better be ready for mortal combat, or start running like her life depends on it. XD
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I feel like I've already seen this drawing before... But great job noneoftheless!
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