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AJ's in All Sizes

I think this may be my silliest idea for a quick drawing yet. The cute applejack in many sizes!

Which size is your favorite? I'm mixed between plushie sized AJ and horse sized AJ. (tame responses please)

Click download for my biggest image upload I've ever made.
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Very hard question
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Why is the file 65mb big, HOW is the file 65mb big???
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I actually had a dream just like this last night bro.
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Toy sized all the way to the second biggest AJ. That's where my limit lays. XD She just looks so cuddly XD
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MLPVideos's avatar many AJs..........too much cuteness!!!!
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So...many...AJs - plus enjoyed the stream seeing this piece develop as well /)
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Can't pick a favorite. Any Applejack is good Applejack!

BTW, absurd resolution is best resolution! :D
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I'd be happy with all of them ^^
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So much apples...

Wonderful work. I'm with the one on his lap.
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Is the smaller AJ going to have a higher pitch voice? This would make the giant AJ has a thunderous voice....
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I want them all!
This actually kind of reminds me of that one old "joke" scary story: "Let's Wait Until Martin Comes". :P
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Finally, enough AJs XD
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I cannot decide... they all look so cute!
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Silly, yet adorable at all sizes and nicely rendered to boot! Hmm, I admit it'd be a coin toss between lap AJ and cushion AJ for me. Since they would be the most easiest to take everywhere without her getting misplaced or obstructing things ^_^
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