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A fully rendered concept on clothing for AJ. Want to carry this over when I make a Just Dance scene for Applejack, just like I did for Pinkie Pie

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this is amazing!!!
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Howdy Honey Dew. ;)
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I like her boots.
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Pittienoses88351|Hobbyist Digital Artist
She's a gingerI think I've fainted. 
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Gonna get some apples by back soon
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MLPegasis4898|Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's a really nice cowgirl outfit you designed for AJ!!! Fits her perfectly!!! :D :D :D
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BlackestFlame|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Really amazing piece. It looks like every part has a different texture, and the design is awesome :thumbsup::) I think the legs of the jeans don't really need wrinkles n whatnot though.
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The first thing to catch my attention was the detail of everything, even the detail in her coat. This is an impressive drawing!
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razeryan|Hobbyist General Artist
just want to say I love the style of these, how they have a more.. next gen sort of feel to them, an amount of realism while keeping to the roots of the style.

Im not sure I care for her boots though.. just shaped funny =\
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HexedecimalEdited |Hobbyist Filmographer
I forgot what I was originally going to say so I'm going to say I agree what you are saying. I really love them (even more cute then before.), I would love to see the show like this, but the problem with the idea is that it would take alot longer to make the show in this style. But It is still cool non the less!
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MeepCakez|Hobbyist General Artist
u be an awesome amazing artist!
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DragonKingAlpha|Hobbyist General Artist
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Jose-Ramiro|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Great drawing!
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Nice dress-up! :D
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Scarheart76|Hobbyist General Artist
I love the pocket in her jeans.
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I had gotten behind on all my DA notifications and, as a result, missed out on fantastic art... like this! Favorite pony and one of my favorite artists. That's always a dangerous combination. Love it, man! :D
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My kind of country girl, yeehaw! Amazing detail! :iconapplejackplz:
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i love that texture
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umm.... hi.... 36.....
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Hello, Cowpony. ;)
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JulezRulez77|Hobbyist General Artist
Just wondering, what kind of tool do you use for the coat/skin of your drawings?
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L-MASTER|Hobbyist Artist
amazing :)
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Awwww yeah !
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