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A Small Breeze



I really love those breezies. So tiny ^^

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This is a work of passion and patience. As someone who enjoys drawing with digital art as well I can notice the techniques used to put each detail of this masterpiece.
The smooth transitions of color yet fine marks to create a perfect feel of texture in each portion of the art is the brilliance of an experienced painter: the smooth and glossy eyes, the blended shades of the fur yet fine lines to represent individual hairs, the detail of every line that composes the mane, etc...
The colors are perfectly balanced with the shading and don't stand out too much to take any focus away from the main image.
Lastly to tribute to detail in this is outstanding! The reflection of either trees or clouds in her eyes, drawing in her tear ducts, the shadow of the blowing leaf on her cheek, some strands of hair blowing in the wind, and the beautiful glimmer effect on Sea Breeze's wings.
I now this is long winded but I wanted to give my full appreciation for this wonderful piece of art. I don't really follow the show, but I must admit this would make an amazing poster, icon, wallpaper, just anything! This is gorgeous! Thankyou for sharing your talent with us!!!