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A Jack's Canyon_Update

I think this one is my best Applejack piece to date...I need to get the other three done before the con....oh geeze....

(Comment? I may not reply to everyone but I do read them all :) )

Update: Added more depth to the background by adding in some slight blue. The foreground is also brighter. Thanks for the feedback!

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Teach me your ways, sensei. Plz. You are one of the most talented artists I know.
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So realistic!!! Just... wow!!! :wow: :wow: :wow:
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Beautiful & breathtaking!  :+favlove:
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This is stunning! may I ask what brushes you used to create the background?
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This is beautiful!! <3
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Noooo. You'll trip on that rope and lose your stetson D:
Other than that, this is mesmerizing. Both Applejack and the background O.O
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there is a fenix on the background :icontheobserverplz:
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What the heck is a fenix?

do you mean phoenix? since that's what I think I see
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yup (i know,I'm bad speaking English:iconokaymemeplz:)
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apple jack is the best pony
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this  is amazing! I wish there was a download button so that I could use it as a wallpaper. 
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Oh my gosh !! the background is so real !! And AJ is so AWESOME !!
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Do you draw the backgrounds or insert them?
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This was completely painted.
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HOWW ????? HOWWW ??? HOW???? :eyepopping:
A-FREAKINg-mazing! :D
The colours, the background, the pose, the expression! Just... "So AWESOME!" :)
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This looks perfect, you're fantastic
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Oh, it looks great!

Do you use special brushes for clouds, plants, grass?
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Sometimes, but its mainly a basic round brush.
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Just found my favorite applejack drawing

So amazing.
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Wow! I love the original flair and style you have to your paintings. Awesome work
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Awesome picture! The detail in the background amazed me, and I love that you gave her that 'wild and free' look. Well done!
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