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Commission Queue Open - Jan '24 [Closed] by Tsitra360, journal

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hey there, complete shot in the dark and the answer's more than likely no, but is there any chance you still had some stock somewhere of the Princess Luna bag you made years ago? the one from this

Galaxy Celestia and Luna (New Official Merchandise

thanks in advance for any response

when is the next commission?

hey, i know u probabbbklyy wont do it, and incase u dont see this i may find another way to contact incase BUTTTT, you should TOTALLY REDRAW MY LITTLE PONYBOTS!! your anatomy back then, shading, and overall skills is so different to now, and a redraw after ELEVEN years would be extremely amazing! of course if you do it could be in ur own time, but i feel like thousands if not over a million fans of that piece u made (ur vid had 4.3m views on yt btw!) would be stunned to see a redraw of it, as ur more infamous piece of artwork. and you are still a massive name in the MLP community! <3 i hope ur doing well andive been a fan since i was little !

What happened to the comic "Resized"? I can't find it

Its cancelled. It started feeling more of an obligation than a fun series. You can still find it on Derpibooru if you search 'comic:resized'

Sorry but im blind now. Love your art but coming to this page is hell its sooo bright. Like jeez you trying to blind night mode users?

That’s an interesting thought. Automatic Light and Dark mode for every theme. DA should try that.