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israel propaganda

israel propaganda from hollywood
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Great work!
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thanks!! i like your stuff too
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Looks like more nonsense discourse presented as sense. (Bullshit)
artstuck's avatar
nice... its show the truth..
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what a load of rubbish
Avish's avatar
Antisemitism is so kewl.
rekkon-konfusion's avatar
I'm glad that someone shares my views on Israeli politics. Great concept.

Hermione75's avatar
that's not politics, it's age old antisemittisme
Believerster's avatar
Lol, this is so fucking stupid. Give me a list of these Israeli propaganda films then.
RandomRiot's avatar
Israel is not trying to control anyone... I mean it's military makes some major tactical errors but it is the only Middle Eastern country that allows Palestinians the right to become citizens with rights or for them to have the chance for their own country. Fatah was going for peace until Hamas stirred up the crap bucket just for the sake of it...
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Very well done. So true.
DanaAtkins's avatar
ah so true man,zionist pigs will get what they been pushing the world towards for along time now,we both know what that is!!!!
maybe then palestine can be palestine and israel can be nothing!!!
israevil's avatar
very good work man :hug:
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lets see my atvtar sayes peace your's is bleeding....hmmm....
tind's avatar
nice concept dude!!!!!!
Hermione75's avatar
stupid comment dude.
adam-machiavelli's avatar
You have no life.
Remember, if you mess with us Jews, you'll lose out in the long run. I mean, look at Ahmed Yassin. He messed with the Jews and now he's dead. Consider that.
Lisbon-Daysleeper's avatar
rotfl don't mess with the jews... what an awfull generalization, you are a strange sort of anti-semitic jew

No wonder israel is so agressive, if anyone in the governament thinks like this guy... i pitty their neighbours. Honestly dude if you mess with us jews ? that's just militaristic and pathetic
adam-machiavelli's avatar
I was mocking a common stereotype of Israelis. It's called self-deprecating humour. As in being able to laugh at oneself.
Lisbon-Daysleeper's avatar
yes i eventually went through the rest of your stuff and got that. these things can't be removed, its very usefull if one is for some reason trying to make an ass of oneself =) lol

Still, many people think that (nearly cartoony) way, i think i'm just so used to seing that that it doesn't even strike me as sarcasm any more

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