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A true mermaid into the pool

The legend say that if you busing to mutch the mermaid statue of this pool, This one will cursing you and transformating you into a mermaid.
 - It taked time for busing her but I finnaly found a true legend! said arkannes with a position for show her new mermaid tail.

Thank you to arkannes ( )  who provide me the stock picture :

Thank you to decors ( ) for the fish picture :
Fish Fish Fish...Oh did I say Fish?
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3024x4032px 5.4 MB
iPhone 6s
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1/785 second
Focal Length
4 mm
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Date Taken
Nov 7, 2017, 3:34:14 PM
© 2017 - 2021 tsilver
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stunning work!!
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Hey t, It's awesome and I love it. Would you mind adding a link to my profile? It looks like you were going to cause there's a : but the link is missing
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Yes I forgived it.
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Thanks, I appreciate it. Somebody thought I stole it from you when I posted it cause they didn't realize it was me so that fixes it =]
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I received the note too. It was kind to warning me but if he had readed the comments, he wouls see that we made cross credits.
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That's kinda what I said. I felt kinda mean so I edited it to be a bit nicer but I hate when people say things without reading the description.
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hum, yes I just looked the comment. By the way, for answer at one comment, I changed the bra color because he looked too flashy and limited to mutch the scales color. If I didn't done that, the bra would taked all the intension instade of have an homogenous picture.
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What does "busing to mutch" mean?
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anoying to mutch
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I love Arkannes, I love tsilver.  Always great to see one doing an excellent morph of one's excellent photo.
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yes, because she made photomorphes herself, she know how take appropriate picture ^^.
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My two favorite deviant artists working together.
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Happy you take me with a so hight opinion even if I'm a lot away to be the best.
And it can have some other cooperation in futur.
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English must not be your first language.
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As each time I wright something ^^". And next people was surprised when I writted in french.
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